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SE Endorphin is a pro-grade digital compressor designed to boost the frequency range (low to high) and time domain characteristics of a signal. Before getting into the technical details, lets take a look at a few results.
In the old days, frequencies of audiophiles and pro-level mixing consoles were on the verge of human hearing range.
These days, music engineers (engineers and producers) have been able to play with frequencies as low as 1 Hz and with resolution as fine as 1 micro-semitone.
Can you imagine what a mixing console would sound like with a frequency range close to that of human hearing?
Based on the limitations in human hearing, the most important part of any compressor is its nonlinear behaviour and response.
SE Endorphin does a good job at keeping in check all distortion and peak clipping, at the same time boosting the perceived low-frequency response.
Furthermore, ‘SE Endorphin’ takes into consideration what people expect from a compressor: one with a traditional response.
SE Endorphin is a modern, easy to use, and very versatile VST plugin compressor, which allows you to set the response curves according to your preferences and requirements.
The great thing about SE Endorphin is that it has a very easy-to-use graphical user interface which make it really a pleasure to work with and use.SE Endorphin Requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP or above
VST Host: VST 3.0
Other: Due to the high-definition (HD) audio processing, SE Endorphin requires a computer system running on Windows XP or Windows Vista. SE Endorphin has been tested and tested on all mainstream operating systems. The following operating systems are supported:
■ Windows XP
■ Windows Vista
■ Windows 7
■ Windows 8
■ Windows 10
Please note that due to the HD processing, SE Endorphin requires an operating system running on Microsoft Windows XP or newer. There are no issues with performance on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, as SE Endorphin provides optimum performance on these operating systems.
Installation: Once downloaded, a ‘.zip’ file, unzip it and install SE Endorphin on your operating system.
In order to use SE Endorphin, you need to install some additional plugins:
• General Audio Plugins v4.14.29
• Audio Plugins v4.0.9

SE Endorphin Crack+ PC/Windows

– Auto-panoramic stereo channel splitting for monitoring in your favourite virtual studio.
– Built-in sound examples for all channels
– Two independent frequency bands
– Two basic compressor designs
– Two different levels of saturation
– Variable resonance for deep-frequency processing
– Fader and Panorama controls
– Input level meter
– Feed-forward and feedback clipping level controls
– Input/output level control
– Two sets of threshold control knobs (for limiter and input)
– Manual time constant (VCAP)
– Soft knee slope
– Input Limiting dBFS level (range from -0.1dBFS to -4dBFS)
– Feedback
– Trim controls
– Automatic settings for 24-bit/96kHz sample rate
Although made from the ground-up, SE Endorphin is compatible with every VST host system. It uses premium quality pre- and post-processing algorithms.
If your host doesn’t support the 24/96 format, you may run SE Endorphin as either 16/44.1 or 24/48 kHz resampling. The compressor’s output still has the highest quality.
The overall gain is not adjustable, but the post-compressor fader is useful to boost up your master for the burning stage.
SE Endorphin is made from the ground-up in C++ and works on all Windows computers. It uses a 16-bit internal architecture, featuring floating-point arithmetic, which is also used for the dBFS input limiting.
SE Endorphin runs with nearly zero CPU usage.
You can hear the difference between the old-style compressor and the newer compressor in the free demo:

To further enhance your mastering, check out the ‘SE Endorphin for AVB’, a plugin that is enhancing SE Endorphin’s classic compressor model.
Use the free demo for testing:

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SE Endorphin Activation Code Download

Superego Endorphin VCA is an analog-style compressor.
Two independent frequency bands provide full control over the low and high frequencies independently, and the compressor can easily be switched between stereo or mono mode, thereby maintaining maximum flexibility and customisability.
Mode-setting is possible in all three areas: threshold, attack and release.
Furthermore, mode switching is done with the help of the analog-style input/output controls for fast and easy operation of the frequency band settings.
The classic opto (photo resistor) compressor mode is modelled after the old classic compressors, adding a ‘vintage’ overshoot to the transients and a more gentle compressor.
The output stage of SE Endorphin can be set to either linear or analog-style saturation.
The saturation controls can be turned on in the following areas:
■ input
■ input and gate
■ gate and output
■ output
Additionally, the output saturation control can be set to either instant or smooth.
“Many sound engineers start with a compressor and then add reverberation in the end, but it is just the reverse, it is time to add reverberation after you have compsed the track.” (Manfred Eicher)
This means that the compressed and saturated signal can be fed back into the same track.
The release time of the compressor does not have an impact on the gain reduction of the feedback loop.

About SE-Endorphin

SE-Endorphin is a true compressor, that provides both a frequency band split, as well as a classic opto compressor, meaning a fast attack and release control, as well as a “vintage” “overshoot” to the transients of the signal. It is a global compressor, that will control the gain reduction of the “feedback loop” in a low and high frequency band, and can be set to a linear, analog-style saturation or a combination of both.


Endorphin is a comprehensive toolbox for re-mastering, combining your music for CDs, MP3s or broadcast, whether it is a single song, a track or a complete album. Track, gain reduction, EQ, an optional limiter, compression, saturation and panning are at your disposal.

SE Endorphin Description

Take the best of the SE DSP plugins, Endorphin Classic and Endorphin VCA, and

What’s New in the SE Endorphin?

The goal was to produce a compressor that can be controlled by a single parameter, it should have a slightly unique look.
From an audio point of view, the request was to process the two different frequency ranges independently (low and high frequency), thus having two independent bands;
This is almost the only way that you can get a characteristic frequency-dependent nonlinearity that is not possible with only one frequency band.
This means, you can get deep compression at higher frequencies, while limiting at lower ones.
On the other hand, using separate channels the compressor could run as a stereo unit as well.
In that case the unit is controlled from one side only.
The sound should be warm enough and not ‘pumping’. The unit should not go into ‘dead’ region and start to alter the music in a not-pleasant way.
It is also not a compressor that implements a mid-side delay, on the contrary, the opposite side of the signal is bounced directly to the output.
In addition, some analogue-style compressors with classic envelope shapes do sound pretty ‘warm’ as well, this happens with an open valve.
SE Endorphin is a compressor based on this principle, since the circuitry of this unit is a straight feed forward and feedback detector circuit.
The feedback detector circuit is a characteristic part of this unit.
The circuit is optimized to produce a very natural sound and it has also a special limiting function.
On the frequency axis, the unit emphasizes the mid to low frequencies, making an emphasis on the lower stereo channels.
The higher frequencies are left untouched or simply compressed with a mild amount of gain reduction.
Therefore a tube amp or any amplifier can run the unit.
The output can be switch from ‘dry’ to ‘wet’, the unit functions in the following ways:
‘Wet’ -> Direct output of the unit to an audio mixer; ‘Mix’ -> Second output of the unit can be mixed to the dry signal, this way the sound can be enhanced or softened.
In ‘dry’ mode the gain can be set from 9 to 0 (9dB to 0dB)
Additionally the gain can be set between 0dB and -0.1dBFS.
In the’sat’ mode the saturation is controlled with a dedicated button.
One of the most important parameters of this unit is the Release Time/Time Constant.
For instance a value of 1.8-2.0ms is suitable for rock tracks and vocals

System Requirements For SE Endorphin:

OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8, 64-bit processor
CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6150 or AMD Radeon HD 5000
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400
HDD: 16 GB

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