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The Layers Panel

Starting at the top right of the Layers panel, the top layer is the current image. (While there are certainly occasions when you will use the Layers panel for working on the current image, as its name suggests, it is often best to use it for working on multiple layers.)

Underneath the current image sits all your other raster layers. If you add a new raster layer to your image, you can manipulate the item just as you

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You might also want to learn more about photo editing and Photoshop for beginners.

Most people in the digital world use Photoshop to edit images and files in various sizes. But Photoshop is not a free tool and has a hefty price. So, if you are a student, family, or hobbyist, trying to create your own photo edits without spending a fortune, Photoshop Elements can be a great choice.

In this post, we will show you the best features of the free Photoshop Elements, including 20 useful tutorials. We will also discuss how to install and use the software.

What’s Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements is a simple software that works well with all image editing features. Photoshop Elements focuses on photo editing, file sharing and organization, slideshow creation, printing, and more. A few key features of Photoshop Elements are as follows:

The main goal of Photoshop Elements is to make photo editing as simple as possible.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a clean and simple alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Elements is the number one photo editing tool among users. Unlike professional versions of Photoshop, Elements can be used for basic photo editing for beginners.

However, if you have a little experience, you might be bored of the small interface and small features. One of the best parts of Elements is its accessibility to even novices.

Other than photo editing, you can use Elements to create your own images and share them with friends and family.

Another great feature of Photoshop Elements is the ability to create collages and graphic designs with the combination of various digital elements.

This might seem like a large learning curve for someone who is not familiar with the workflows of Photoshop Elements. However, by following these tutorials, you can learn this powerful software in a short time. This software has a simple to use interface that allows you to get around with the software easily.

Most people choose Elements as their editor, but Photoshop is still the best choice for image editing and creating new images. They are not mutually exclusive; instead, they make a great combination for your photo editing needs.

Top 20 Useful Photoshop Elements Tutorials 2020

We have compiled a list of 20 useful Photoshop Elements tutorials that will help you improve your skill. So, let’s learn what each tutorials are about.

1. Remove Background

One of the most important tasks you can do before printing your images is removing the background. This tutorial teaches you how to

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System Requirements:

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